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Americans depend upon health care workers for their very lives.  Each and every day nurses, EMTs, CNAs, patient transport personnel and other health care workers selflessly place themselves at risk of injury caring the rest of us.  To compound this problem, certain types of injury risks, such as the risk of injury from lifting and repositioning patients and injuries from slip and fall accidents, just cannot be eliminated.  However, when health care workers are injured on the job, they are thrust into an adversarial relationship with their employers. This happens by operation of law.  So injured health care workers should never assume their employers will “take care of them” in the workers’ compensation process.  Sadly, many kind and trusting injured health care workers’ – workers who love to take care of others – fail to take timely legal action in their workers’ compensation cases because they wrongly assumed their employers had taken care of them.  The harsh legal reality is that employers in the medical industry have no legal responsibility whatsoever to ensure that their injured employees will be legally protected from financial harm following workplace injuries.


If you are a Nurse, EMT, CNA, patient transport employee or other health care worker and you were hurt on the job, call the Haig Law Firm and learn what you must do to have an entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits.  Remember, the mere voluntary payment of medical expenses or wage loss benefits by an employer or its insurance carrier does not ensure that those benefits will be paid going forward. Even if you believe you do not need an attorney, you should still educate yourself regarding the legal requirements in Virginia for obtaining a legal entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits.  In addition, by protecting your right to ongoing workers compensation benefits, you may also be helping to maximize a potential lump sum settlement (in the event you cannot return to your previous position in the medical field).  


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