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Construction workers build and maintain the structures we live and work in, the roads and bridges we use, and the plumbing, electrical and communication infrastructures that make life possible. Construction projects often take workers far away from home and expose them to risks and hazards too numerous to mention.  Construction work generally requires a tremendous amount of physical strength, effort and stamina.  For this reason, an injury that might not prevent many from working could easily threaten a construction worker's very livelihood.

If you are a construction worker with an on-the-job injury, call Attorney Haig today for a free, no obligation telephone consultation. Even if you are already receiving workers’ compensation benefits and believe the insurance carrier is paying your medical expenses, it is important to recognize that those benefits can be terminated abruptly if timely legal action has not been taken. Remember, in Virginia, the mere payment of wage loss compensation benefits and or medical benefits does not automatically create a legally enforceable entitlement to those workers compensation benefits. Unfortunately, many injured construction workers wrongly assume that the benefits they are receiving will continue until they are ready to return to full duty construction work. So call us today and find out how to avoid common pitfalls in the workers’ compensation process.

Construction workers are often injured by the negligence of others. Therefore, in certain circumstances, a construction worker will have, in addition to a workers compensation case, a personal injury case against the company or individual whose negligence caused the injury.  For example, a construction worker can be injured by the employee of another company who is simply delivering construction materials to a construction site.  Some construction workers are injured while en route to a construction project in motor vehicle accidents. In such cases, injured construction workers would have workers’ compensation claim as well as a potential personal injury claim. If you are a construction worker with both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim arising from a work related accident, beware. The settlement of your personal injury claim under certain circumstances can result in the forfeiture of workers’ compensation benefits.   For this additional reason, a construction worker with both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims should consult with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident and find out how to preserve a workers’ compensation claim before accepting any settlement of a personal injury claim.

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