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Workers Compensation Attorney in Danville VA


Companies can take all the necessary precautions to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries, but despite their best efforts these things can still happen. In the event that something does happen at work, causing injury or even death, The Haig Law Firm is able to help you or your family receive the compensation deserved.

By getting in touch with The Haig Law Firm today, you can smooth over any road bumps along the way to receiving the compensation you are entitled to. We’ll work with you to ensure that all the proper deadlines are met, and that you receive the appropriate remuneration for an injuries you have sustained while on the job.

The Haig Law Firm has been fighting for the proper compensation of Danville residents for years, and has established a solid reputation based on our ability to provide our clients with top notch legal support for a variety of case types.


If you’ve been injured on the job, time is of the essence. Insurance companies set time limits, so you must report any incidents prior to the deadline, and with various other deadlines to file claims it can be easy to lose track of what’s required. Danville residents know they can trust The Haig Law Firm to handle their cases in a professional and efficient manner, meaning you receive what’s owed even faster.

When you or someone you love is impacted by a workplace injury, the last thing you want to have to deal with is an insurance company or employer who makes things difficult for you. You have enough on your plate as it is, so leave this up to the professionals at The Haig Law Firm.


If you’ve been injured on the job, give us a call today and we can help you achieve the results you deserve. We work hard to ensure that you’re not left on the hook for medical expenses resulting from your workplace injury, while also fighting to recover wages lost as the result of your injury.

Don’t let a workplace injury mean the end of your livelihood. Get in touch with The Haig Law Firm today to start moving your case forward.